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Program Features

A Quick look

Timetally is an online web based program that can handle your time and billing needs if you are an independent consultant, lawyer, accountant, engineer, independent software developer or you are selling your products by old fashion way via quotes. Timetally is good for a single user as well as a company with 5,000 employees. No matter what kind of business you do we are sure it will fit your needs and more over its free (for individual users).

The security concern.

Even though our servers are secure and activity is monitored round the clock, if you are a security conscious firm then we offer a unique method of security that you host your own data. We can install the program on your server within your own firewall or local intranet.
You can also have your dedicated server hosted on our state of the art Fiber Optic network.

Total control.

Timetally is fast quick and to the point application. It consists of very few graphics to keep refresh speed as high as possible. Administrator has the full control to all the users within a company.

The main features are:

1. Management Control
  • Company supervisor (Total control)
  • Departmental supervisor (Limited control)
  • Project management
  • Assign employee to departments
  • Assign activities to projects
  • Assign customers to employees
  • Assign projects to departments
  • 2. Timesheet Control
  • Daily timesheet with monthly view
  • Each transaction supports hours and expenses
  • Submit timesheet to supervisor for approval
  • Global calendar view (by employee, project, customer and activity)
  • Live timesheet query
  • Personal calendar/agenda with timesheet
  • Company events meeting calendar
  • Timesheet and calendar reminder via pager (available on request)
  • 3. Quotation system
  • Create a quick quote for a service or product
  • Choose from multiple quotation templates or create your own
  • Auto calculation of taxes according to your setup
  • Preview and print or send quote to customer via e-mail
  • User is notified as soon as customer views the quote
  • Customer can accept, reject or further discuss the quote in one click
  • Option to close or open an existing quote
  • A user cannot see quotes from other users if he/she is not a supervisor
  • 4. Invoicing
  • Three different ways to create a quick and easy invoice:
    1. Invoice from an existing quote
    2. Manual invoice by selecting different products from your inventory
    3. Automated invoices from the time sheets and expenses (Detailed and summary)
  • Auto calculation of predefined taxes according to your setup
  • Choose from multiple invoice templates or create your own
  • Preview and print or send invoice to customer via e-mail
  • Auto notification as soon as customer views the invoice
  • Real time status view of all invoices
  • Option to transfer your invoice data to your accounting software.
  • 5. Receivables
  • Standard receivable module.
  • Auto update as soon as an invoice is made.
  • Multiple payment for each invoice
  • Your real time receivables are only one click away
  • Option to transfer receivable data to your accounting package.
  • 6. Setup and security
  • Easy program configuration for your company.
  • Setup your clients, employees, projects, activities, departments, territories, taxes etc in no time.
  • Strict user level access.
  • Company level and Department level enhanced security.
  • User only sees the part of data assigned to him/her.
  • User level access rights extended to Add, modify and delete.
  • Fully customizable multiple layouts for quotes and invoices.
  • User level audit trail and log activity.
  • Daily backup.
  • Data is stored under multiple layers of firewall and is kept on different server than the website itself. The server that stores the data is not accessible by the Internet. Program uses a specific protocol to access the data that makes it inaccessible by direct Internet connection.
  • Timetally is a Cronomagic Production
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